The birds who tried to fill the sea in

August 7, 2003 at 10:51 am

Once upon a time, there were two birds, who laid some eggs on a high rock on the beach.

The spent their time looking after the eggs, keeping them warm, and making sure they were safe from harm.

Once day, a freak wave came right up the beach and washed all the eggs into the sea.

The birds were frantic, diving into the sea, and looking for the eggs, but to no avail – they were lost and taken deep into the sea by the current.

From that moment on, the two birds made a resolve – They would fill the sea in, as a punishment for such a cruel and unprovoked attack.

They picked up a small amount of sand in their beaks, and dropped it into the sea. After that, they sipped up a tiny bit of the sea, and droped it on to the land.

This they did over and over, for days and days, tireless in their resolve to fill the sea in, stopping only for a little food and sleep when they really needed it.

After a long time, the absolute saw what the birds were doing, and as a reward for their ceaseless determination, ordered the sea to return the eggs, unharmed.

That is the power of determination.

HH Santanand Saraswati

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