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Has it been a month already?

My man Morph’s been cool, given me a lot of moral support and encouragement just when it was needed; He just keeps saying “make some fucking tunes!” and “what can I do to help? Just tell me!” and reminding me that it’s what it’s all about – I’m doing all this so that I can be in a position where I can make music, and support my family at the same time.

It’s happening, I’m on my way, just gotta keep my eye on the prize.

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Viva Espana!

Bluze with Cocktails!Just returned from a mad week in Spain.

Visited my Dad in La Linea, then went on to party for the rest of the week with my old college mates; My old room-mate Ollie got married – Congratulations mate!

I shared an apartment with my old pal Alex Cawthorne; He’s getting into photography, and took some great photos, including the mad picture of me you see here, plus this one, that he took on a bridge one night as we made our way out to the town. Good work!

It was a totally drunken but wickedly fun few days.

My head still feels a little dizzy, but I’m slipping back into work life again.

I got a wicked reaction to my latest tunes – most of these guys haven’t seen me in years, so they couldn’t believe how my music’s moved on.

Yeah, I’m almost done mastering – so expect some tunes to be posted up this week, once I catch up on my sleep.


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