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Glastonbury for Geeks?

e-fest.gife-Festival brings an entirely new concept to computer events in the UK. It is the refreshing change that the industry has been waiting for, bringing the fun and enthusiasm back into computing. ?We reckon it could easily grow in future years into ?a Glastonbury for geeks?,? says MD of e-Festival Ltd, Jeremy Spencer, a veteran of the UK computer magazine industry.

?e-Festival isn?t just for the hard-core enthusiasts,? he adds. ?It?s aimed at families and small businesses who want to get more out of computing ? it?s a festival of technology and its creative application that will include evening entertainment for those who want to stay on site, as well as a 24-hour LAN party.?

What a classic quote!

Despite the self-mocking ‘Glastonbury for Geeks’ reference, E-fest sounds mad; the LAN party will be a 1000 seater; the UK’s biggest so far; I’ve never done stuff like that since my first try; I was playing a gig for the launch of a new cyber cafe in Brighton, and after a few shots of the free vodka, I fancied my chances at a little Deathmatch Quake.

Got the shit kicked out of me multiple times by some 12 year old nerd. I keep my deathmatching strictly between these four walls since then…

Anyway, I might not be able to resist this one, cos I’ll be playing a live set there on one of the evenings; I’ll let you know more when I do.

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April 23, 2004 at 5:59 pm

MT back online!

Yep, I’ve finally completed the transfer over to the new server; let me know if you spot something I’ve missed….

The transfer in the end was actually really straightforward, even though I’m running this on a Windows 2000 Server OS – All the instructions around seem to be based on a Linux install, so after a while of messing about with copying files over, I realised that I’d wasted so much time that I could have simply made an export file, and installed MT from scratch on the new server, which is pretty much what I ended up doing.

So, shitloads has happened since my last posts; Been to Turkey for my sister’s wedding, got invited by LTJ Bukem down to the Progression Sessions at the End for a wicked night of DnB with Hype, Krust, and Bukem himself, and had a soundcheck with the crew with Reg’s soundsystem; got a few new tracks finished too;

I might go into detail about some of that stuff, but of course you can be sure I’ll post up the new tracks as soon as I’m ready – It’s nice to be back people…

April 13, 2004 at 10:07 pm 1 comment

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