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New Track: Untitled

Here’s that third track as promised. You’re the first to hear this one – I’ll be sending out CD’s this week.

At the moment I’m really buzzing off this; I think it’s my best track to date.

I’ve literally just finished it, so haven’t thought of a name yet – Any suggestions? Best idea gets a copy of it once it’s released…

Listen to the track here

Comments welcome as always.


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Tracks: Why do they? and Izmir

Well, I hoped that I wouldn’t have to reduce this blog to a monthly entry, but work got heavy again, and I’ve had trouble cramming in headspace this month(again).

I’m back on top of stuff, and I finally have uploaded those tracks I promised last month. I’ve almost finished a third, which will go up towards the end of the day.

Here’s a rundown.

Why Do They?
I finished this track ages ago – and I’m still feeling it – Very simple tune, which gives it a hell of a punch when it’s played on a loud soundsystem – I tested this one on one of our soundcheck nights, and it went down a storm.

Inspired by my trip to Izmir in March, this one’s more laid back wth a middle-eastern feel, but with a hard beat keeping it up – Morph’s feeling this one totally.

Let me know what you think people. I’ll keep the links in the tunes section on the right as always.

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