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Bluze – Live at Sidefest – MP3 stream

I’ve just uploaded the recording of my live set at Sidefest a couple of weeks ago – it’s about an hour long, and moves from hip hop through to drum ‘n’ bass. The set was improvised using Ableton and a bank of pre-prepared beats, loops and riffs; it was a wicked gig, and I totally enjoyed playing there.

Click here to download the live set (Hover the link to listen straight away)



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Marcus Intalex playing out ‘Interference’

Marcus IntalexGot a call from Marcus Intalex of Soul:r records last week; He’s really into one of my latest tracks – Interference, and has started DJing it out, which is wicked news.

I decided last-minute yesterday to go and check it out myself – it’s difficult to resist the lure of hearing your tunes on a really loud sound system – so drove over to The Medicine Bar in Birmingham to catch Marcus’s set – it was a wicked night, and I was well pleased with how Interference sounded – the bass line was much deeper than my studio monitors had implied, and the whole deep-edgy sound went down well with the crowd in the club. Another added bonus was hearing DRS MC over one of my tracks – wicked.

Chatted with Marcus after the set, while Calibre played; he’s a really sound bloke. D-Bridge is apparently diggin Interference too, so maybe it’ll get picked up by a few more DJ’s over the next few weeks, fingers crossed.

Check out Interference by going to

I’m feeling really motivated by all this, and am in the studio as much as possible at the moment, which can only be a good thing.

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Bluze live – tonight

Yeah I know it’s short notice, and it’s been a while since I posted, but if you’re in the Shropshire (Mainstone) area this evening, I’m, doing a live show at Sidefest, supporting Bentley Rhythm Ace on the main stage – come along and check out my latest tunes; I’ll be playing a mixture of Hip Hop, Breakbeat and Drum ‘n’ Bass, which should mean that everyone’s happy!

I’ll see if I can record the set – if I can, I’ll post a stream online in the next few days, along with pictures from the event.

Since my last post, I’ve moved house, hence the massive delay in between this post and the last; a gorgeous old farmhouse overlooking a valley in the middle of nowhere (again). The property’s got a couple of barns, part of one I’m using as a studio – it’s been converted already, which is a fantastic place to get creative in. I’ll post up some pictures soon. As my music space is finally separate from my work space, I’ve been in here a lot, and am finally getting back to my old prolific self, which is good news for me, at least.

This blog’s got a bit messed up thanks to spammers – so I’ll be giving it a real shake-up soon, which will mean more regular posts too. In the meantime, I joined the Myspace bandwagon a few years ago, so you can hear my most recent tunes at

Look forward to seeing you tonight!

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