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Ossus Praxeum/Forever

OK, well I took my own advice, and went into the studio without a thought to what type of music I was going to make, and, well, I’m pleased with the results – but it’s not Drum ‘n’ Bass as we know it… actually it’s not drum and bass at all – closer to dub step maybe, perhaps just dub, possibly even breakbeat – see for yourself, and let me know what you think!

I’m planning on adding an MP3 player to this site, as RealPlayer’s really losing the race for the hearts and minds of music streamers; in the meantime, I’ll have to point you to my MySpace site – I’m uploading my latest tunes to the MP3 player there.

Two new tunes for you – Forever, a dub-inspired workout, chilled, loungelike, slightly chrome-plated… Also there’s Ossus Praxeum, a harder, breakbeat/dub-step/slowed-down-dnb style tune, which I’m totally happy with, it’s a style I’ve been wanting to pull off for a while, and I think I might have done it with this one….


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