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The Defector returns… Back to Cubase

Cubase Studio 4Three years ago, I jumped ship from my lifelong friend, Cubase, which, I remembered the other day, I’d been using since it was called ‘Steinberg Pro 24’ on the Atari ST. The automation feature Logic had just launched seemed just too tempting to resist – filter fade heaven here I come.

 Of course, Steinberg came back with their SX/SL series of Cubase versions that took logic on pretty impressively.. And then of course Apple bought Emagic in a cynical move that meant that I either move from my PC to Mac, keep with Logic Version 5.5 forever, or jump back to Cubase…. Out of principle, I wasn’t buying a Mac just because Apple forced me to!

 Well, I kept with Logic for a long time, but upgrading my PC to a new Intel Core 2 Duo processor that Logic couldn’t take advantage of, along with new ‘Freeze’ functions, and general niceness of new features on all the latest versions of the top DAW’s, made me realise that the time had come to upgrade…

So, yesterday my copy of Cubase Studio 4 (didn’t need the features of the full version) arrived in the post, following a two month struggle with a frankly confused Turnkey, who seemed to be offering an SL3 + Studio 4 upgrade bundle on their website that they didn’t have in their stores or warehouses..sigh… They came good in the end though, by giving me a heavily discounted full-version Cubase Studio 4.

Installation was nice and quick, and I’m looking forward to using the new MediaBay features, particularly Cubase’s blantantly-copied-from-Native-Instruments’-Core way of browsing sounds by style, as well as tagging samples – my sample library has grown to an almost unmanageable size in the last couple of years, so I’ll be making use of that feature as soon as I stop being overwhelmed by the job of tagging each of my samples individually.. maybe I’ll find a way of group-tagging them or something..

 I’ll log my findings on the new software over time, as I’m planning on going through the manual from the start – I want to learn this baby inside-out, so that I can work with it as intuitively as I previously worked with Logic.

 I’ll let you know how I get on.


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Get in touch

I’ve just been going through my blog activity logs, and some of you have been trying to find my contact details – I guess AIM isn’t enough for some people – so I’m sure you can decipher this; email me at paul at bluze dot net – I’m up for playing live shows, so get in touch if you’ve got anything in the pipeline.

I’m also up for doing remixes; so hit me up on that note too.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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