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First Live set in AGES!

Had a wicked, wicked time this weekend.

Tom and Louisa had a party on Saturday night, and Tom (Kennedy, of The Collectors fame) and I did a live set, jamming with Ableton Live 6. We had a few short sessions beforehand, working out an idea of what samples and riffs we’d drop, and in what order, but left it flexible so we could go with the flow; Ableton’s brilliant for that..

It went down really well, and we had the required amount of whoops and cheers; the best bit was on our last tune – the traditional 4-to-the-floor-hands-in-the-air number; Tom’s brother, Archie, set off a load of MASSIVE fireworks behind us, so suddenly we were accompanied by explosions of sound and colour, it was like an electronic 1812 overture!

 I’ve uploaded some pics of us playing the show, outside in Tom’s garden. We recorded the set too, so I’ll upload it as soon as I can.

Check out the pictures here!

Thanks loads to Tom, Louisa and everyone else who attended; it was a brilliant night to remember.


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Big Chill 2007

Got back last weekend from the Big Chill 2007 in Eastnor, Herefordshire. Yeah it was a week ago, but it’s taken me a while to get back to full strength again! Well, you know, I’m not a teenager any more…

 Had a wicked time, went down in a convoy, so a big group of us camped together; our mighty VW Camper was fantastic as usual, and the company was great of course.

The festival was better than ever; amazing line-up, my highlights being the Cinematic Orchestra, Ty (blinding set from the UK rapper; Happily declaring and proving the death of rubbish Hip Hop!), Tom Middleton, Mad Professor, Marky and Stamina (only caught them briefly, but they were blowing the roof off the tent), Norman Jay (as always) and Red Snapper. My only criticism of the event was the curfew at 2pm; things pretty much shut down at 2; i suspect it’s a licensing thing, but there were a massive amount of people wandering about aimlessly at 3am on Saturday night; surely it wouldn’t break licensing laws to provide a cushion-covered tent to chill in? even a non-beer-serving-no-sound-system tent? That tiny thing aside, great event Mr Lawrence & Co; can’t wait till next year!

Click here to view a few pictures I took at the festival.

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