WMC Diary Day 3

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[Note: Due to all sorts of internet problems; I wasn’t able to connect to the internet at the WMC Hotel despite being able to happily connect to their ‘free wifi hotspot’, I’m posting these entries of the diary now I’m home; After a couple of very late night club nights, the frustration of the internet access lack combined with no sleep meant i didn’t carry on the diary for the full week, so I’ve kind of split my diary entries over a few days, mixing stuff I wrote on my laptop at the time with additional stuff as I remember it]

Wednesday was an infinately better day on so many levels. To be honest I hadn’t really given much thought to the actual panel discussions and lectures that are on offer as part of the conference; I’d put my main focus on the networking around the events; I was here to give out cds to people I bump into. Wow, what an oversight; some of the greatest names in music are here this week, giving their opinions and anecdotes on all aspects of the industry, from production, to distribution, through to marketing and promotion.

On Wednesday I attended a panel discussion on ‘The World of Remixing’; Highlights on the panel for me were Man Parrish, John Morales (who I accidentally met and chatted with before the discussion) and Richard Devine. Richard Devine in particular is a pioneer in so many aspects of electronic music that I love, being an early warp artists, and an incredible synth programmer to boot; I was lucky enough to meet with him after the discussion and give him a couple of CDs – what a nice bloke, very enthusiastic and encouraging, hope he like my stuff.

Later in the day, I attended Digital Dispatch – the room was packed; standing room only; digital distribution is a really, really hot topic here this year; everyone’s talking about it. Reprasentatives from QTrax, eMusic and Yahoo music among others were on the panel, and the at times heated discussion was really informative; Michael Spiegelman from Yahoo Music answered in particular the most vital question of the conference for me; is there actually a role for record labels any more? To my surprise, his answer was yes, maybe more than ever; although any individual can now create, publish and distribute their music without even leaving the house, the record label is paramount for building a stable of artists and boosting the reputation and sales of that artist by association; marketing and PR and events are all the kind of thing that a record label should be doing; something an artists shouldn’t have time for. As Spiegelman put it “what do you want to be; 80% artist and 20% businessman, or 80% businessman and 20% artist? I know my answer. Less food for thought, more a complete banquet.

 In the evening I went downtown to Bassrush; the first drum & bass night of the conference that I could find. Set in an all-nighter in a cool, albeit simple and not-plush-in-the-slightest club, the night was put together by Bingo and Shogun Audio. Freestylers kicked off with a really eclectic set of d&b alongside breakbeat, house and techno; surprising to me, but the crowd loved it. Zinc followed with an old-school jumpup set, and then Friction absolutely blew up the spot with a blinging two-hour set of absolute floor-killers; his last tune, a pendulum track, caused the crowd to practically pass out with joy. Goldie was just going on at 3am when I realised my body could handle no more; not yet adjusted to the time difference, I headed for home, but not before chatting with and passing CDs to Freestylers, Friction (great bloke) and Goldie. along with a few local djs, along with a cool DJ from Toronto. Great Night

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