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Silver Lining – The Video

Here’s the video for the title track of my forthcoming EP; Silver Lining.

It started out as one of those crazy ideas you have while chilling out the day after a party – My friend Chris at told me about these radio controlled plane enthusiasts who have started attaching video cameras to their planes, viewing the results through VR googles, so it looks to them as if they’re on the plane that they’re flying. Chris showed me some Youtube film footage, and I was like wow that would make a mental video for ‘Silver Lining’!!!

So I got well into it, and bought a radio controlled plane, and learnt how to crash it, repeatedly, until I got it stuck in a tree. A very, very high tree. It’s still there.

Anyway, I’d already told Rank Amateur about my idea for the video, and he was really into it, and had started playing with ideas using existing film footage, and a little airfix plane he’d bought and assembled. Before we knew it he’d built a model set for the opening sequence, and when it became apparent that I wasn’t going to get my plane down any time soon, we decided to run with his found footage… I think he’s done brilliantly, and am delighted with the vid; I’d love to know what you think!


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Interference – The Video

Rank Amateur recently finished the video for ‘Interference’ – the first promo for the Silver Lining EP. He’s been doing some really cool viral work for the Ting Tings, so I’m really lucky to have been able to get his awesome skills on this video.

The film was made by filming the model, and then projecting the film back onto her with an overhead video projector, and then re-recording; sometimes this was done several times, making eyes appear on her back, and wierd disconnected limbs and the feeling that you can’t work out what part of her body you’re looking at… I love it, and hope you do too.

If you’re the social type, you might want to catch it on Youtube, or Vimeo.

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