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▶ SYNKRO & INDIGO – KUSF San Francisco Friday Night Sessions Mix 2011

Synkro’s just posted up this mix from KUSF in San Francisco a few weeks back.

Track Listing:

Synkro – Mountains (Dub) / Kevin McPhee – Get In With You (Naked Lunch)
Biome – Anything (Dub)
Lo:Tek – You Don’t Know My Name (Super)
Kelis – Brave (Dark Sky Remix) (Dub)
Until Silence – The Bends (Dub)
GoldFFinch – Groove Panda (Dub)
Synkro – Presence (Forthcoming Styrax Records)
Biome – Conscience (Forthcoming Mindset)
Synkro – Progression (Indigo Remix) (Forthcoming Exit Records)
Indigo – Snowfall (Synkro Remix) (Dub)
Indigo – Nommo (Dub)
Synkro – 4U (Forthcoming Mindset)
Indigo – Astral (Dub)
Synkro & Indigo – Reflection (Exit Records)
First aired on Friday Night Session,


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‪Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (Full)‬‏

This is the first track I heard by the Submotion Orchestra – I stumbled on it on Youtube, bless it, and was instantly won over by the catchy and beautiful melody. I bought the album instantly, and wasn’t disappointed at all, it’s fantastic.


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‪Submotion Orchestra – Finest Hour‬‏

An altogether different type of dubstep; it doesn’t even feel like the same genre, which is one of the reasons I love dubstep so much – everyone puts their own twist on it.

In this case, it’s a kind of jazz twist; if the Cinematic Orchestra and Sade hooked up with 4hero and got into dubstep, I think this is the kind of thing they’d make. Haunting, beautiful, deep, musical, soulful with a touch of Jazz.. I think Submotion Orchestra are my new favourite band. They deserve to be big. Very big.

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‪Lostlojic & Marina Faib – Breath Of Spring‬‏

A collab by Marina Faib with Lostlojic – This is huge; when the bass comes in at 1:12, it just lifts it to another level; the orchestral strings, piano, it’s almost soundtrack-like, but the beat and bassline keep it underground. Just Brilliant. Inspirational. I’m off to the studio…

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‪Marina Faib – Whisper Of Trees‬‏

Just love, love, love this. I loev how the beat and bassline are all over the place, but the soothing, beautiful delayed harmonies just pull it back, making it as chilled as can be.. ahhhhh…

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