‪Lostlojic & Marina Faib – Breath Of Spring‬‏

A collab by Marina Faib with Lostlojic – This is huge; when the bass comes in at 1:12, it just lifts it to another level; the orchestral strings, piano, it’s almost soundtrack-like, but the beat and bassline keep it underground. Just Brilliant. Inspirational. I’m off to the studio…


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‪Marina Faib – Whisper Of Trees‬‏

Just love, love, love this. I loev how the beat and bassline are all over the place, but the soothing, beautiful delayed harmonies just pull it back, making it as chilled as can be.. ahhhhh…

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‪Marina Faib – Cold Rain‏

I’m horrified, to be honest, that this track has been around for 2 and a half years, and I’ve only just discovered it this week. Deep, intense, brilliant. Wow.

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‪Synkro & Faib – Inhale‬‏

I’ve been a fan of Synkro for a while, but only just discovered Marina Faib – the Russian producer and vocalist. I’m going to post some of her solo stuff too now, so I won’t say too much more, just listen – beautiful track…

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Bluze – Attraction

Here’s a new one from me, titled ‘Attraction’. I nearly called it “No, I’m not watching the Royal Wedding, I’m off to the studio”, but I wasn’t sure how that would sit on a playlist comfortably.

I got into a slightly different vibe on this one, deeper than most of my recent work, and an arpeggiated riff kicking in halfway through takes it on an electronica/downtempo path, that I think it rocks out on.

No, I’m not telling you where I got the vocal from… I love the tone to her voice though – it’s a sample I used in one of my unreleased D&B tunes about 7 years ago, it’s nice to bring it back into usage.

Check out more of my tunes from SoundCloud, as always.

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