‪Marina Faib – Cold Rain‏

I’m horrified, to be honest, that this track has been around for 2 and a half years, and I’ve only just discovered it this week. Deep, intense, brilliant. Wow.

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‪Synkro & Faib – Inhale‬‏

I’ve been a fan of Synkro for a while, but only just discovered Marina Faib – the Russian producer and vocalist. I’m going to post some of her solo stuff too now, so I won’t say too much more, just listen – beautiful track…

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Bluze – Attraction

Here’s a new one from me, titled ‘Attraction’. I nearly called it “No, I’m not watching the Royal Wedding, I’m off to the studio”, but I wasn’t sure how that would sit on a playlist comfortably.

I got into a slightly different vibe on this one, deeper than most of my recent work, and an arpeggiated riff kicking in halfway through takes it on an electronica/downtempo path, that I think it rocks out on.

No, I’m not telling you where I got the vocal from… I love the tone to her voice though – it’s a sample I used in one of my unreleased D&B tunes about 7 years ago, it’s nice to bring it back into usage.

Check out more of my tunes from SoundCloud, as always.

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Swarms – Early Tunes – Free Album Download


Swarms has released a free album of his early tunes, including the fantastic ‘Your Voice Shakes’ – the tune that made me a Swarms fan within a few bars of my first hearing. Lap it up…


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Bluze – Exclusive – Tears I Cried

Here’s my latest tune, which I’ve written specifically for the forthcoming compilation on Altosync called ‘Synchronicity Vol 1’, a compilation of deep dubstep which I’m really looking forward to seeing come together. ‘Tears I Cried’ is deep, big dubstep with a hint of breakbeat/trip hop; I’m enjoying mixing styles and genres, a freedom that being on Altosync has given me.

I’m planning on finishing my second track for the compilation this week, so look out for another, which is so far sounding a little more on the minimal tip…

Feedback on this one, as always, is appreciated.


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Swarms – Old Raves End


I’m a few days late on this, but I have to shout about it now; the album ‘Old Raves End’ by Swarms came out on the 28th March on LoDubs; a blissful journey of heart-tugging chords, hip-shaking beats and oh man it just hits the spot.

Swarms can do no wrong in my eyes (ears?) at the moment, from the opening widescreen of T-1000, through to the 4am dance grooves on Flikr of Ur Eyes, to the heartbreaking melody of Roulette, ‘Old Raves End’ doesn’t stop moving, on so many levels. By the time you reach the almost-80’s-retro of ‘Sterling’ at the end, the only thing it’s sensible to do it close your eyes and listen to it again from the beginning.

This is what electronica is supposed to sound like. This is chilled dubstep how we imagined it in our heads, but never quite heard it in real life. In my opinion, only Burial and Phaeleh have made the genre so deep and moving in this way. Damn, I’m gushing about this, but hey, I don’t do it often.

If you love deep moving dubstep or electronica, check out Swarms, right now, you owe it to your ears.

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Hyetal – Diamond Islands

Forthcoming on Black Acre Records on 11th April, this new one by Hyetal is wicked; kind of an electro vibe to the instrumental, with a hands-in-the-air house vocal over the top.. damn, that doesn’t do it justice at all; it’s beautiful; the kind of track you want the DJ to drop at 3am when everything in the world is just chilled and perfect…

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