WMC Diary Day 5

March 30, 2008 at 9:35 pm 2 comments

The rest of the week blurs a little now, so is in no particular order. The ViRam night at the Soho Lounge, Downtown Miami was incredible; Andy C was brilliant, SubFocus wicked too, and Goldie really kicked off. Met a very loud John B at the bar – as funny as he looks in his pictures (“Lovin’ your work, John”, “Me too!”). The Dubstep room was absolutely incredible, mind blowing; deep deep dubstep, low loud bassbins that totally shook your whole body, with wicked ragga MCs chatting over the top of syncopated 138 bpm riddims as the heaving crowd swayed, hands raised, to the half-beat; awesome… staggerred back to my room at around 4am…

I braved the Demo Listening workshop on Friday – my biggest disappointment of the week; After working so hard to prepare my demo’s, it turns out I mastered them badly – there was a WHOLE load of sub-bass in my demo track that I didn’t even get a sniff of on my monitors or any of the test systems I tried it out on; massive lesson there; if you’re gonna make music for big sound systems, particularly drum & bass or other bass-heavy styles, I’m pretty sure you need a sub-woofer before you can be sure your tune’s gonna sound alright. Had to handle hearing DJ Rap telling me that she couldn’t imagine which DJs would play it out, as my head span in confusion at what I was hearing coming out the speakers – damn!!!

It was a lesson though – I’ll be buying a sub-woofer at the weekend, and Rap advised that downloaded a whole load of d&b that I really love, and analyse how those tunes are mixed and arranged; advise I’ve heard before, but advise I’ll definately be taking; The biggest thing I’ve come away with is that I need to focus completely on what style of music I want to make, and study that genre. Despite the proliferation of downtempo this year for me, I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to drum & bass; it’s where my heart is.

I’m also thinking of taking up DJing, so that I get to test out my tunes in clubs before I send them out to the masses; I learnt the skillz required right at the start of my music career, as part of my enthusiastic absorbtion of Hip Hop, and it now makes sense for me to get right back into it again; but I need to sound-treat my studio first, and get my mixes much better before I do anything.

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  • 1. Joel Feilx  |  August 9, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Ez,im a up and coming drum and bass producer,and i just wanna get my music heard and see what people think. So is there a way too send some tunes to you?
    Many thanks

  • 2. Bluze  |  August 9, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Yeah, sure; zip em up and use SendSpace to send them to paul at bluze dot net

    Look forward to hearing them..



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